miss KOREA Sun :: The Second offering Course Menu Cuisine and Private Dining

miss KOREA Presents Cuisine Inspired by the Four Seasons

As the cycle of nature takes its course, appetites adjust to the season’s offerings.
miss KOREA has designed an adaptive menu that corresponds to the transient sensations of our environment.

In consideration of the lively spring, the menu incorporates nourishing ingredients to inspire feelings of revitalization.

In respect to the warm summer, refreshing tastes are sought to suppress the season’s sultry aura.

In reflection of the abundant autumn, rich flavors are desirably enjoyed for a fulfilling sensation.

In regards to the algid winter, our minds and bodies aspires for warmth
cause appetites to seek deep and dark flavors.
while anticipating the brightness of the coming spring.

miss KOREA’s ambition was to offer a dining experience that coincides with the seasons.
We wanted to create a taste centered around the mind and the body
By developing specialized dining courses based on seasonal ingredients in their prime,
miss KOREA wishes to express the most pleasing appreciation of taste and nature.

Course Menu Cuisine and Private Dining at miss KOREA Sun

Designed with aesthetics that can only be described as modern, contemporary and yet with a traditional Korean sensibility. For the first time, miss KOREA BBQ is serving course menu dining options with 5 course dinner  and 3 course lunch selections, exclusively available at miss KOREA Sun.

The miss KOREA Sun name represents the second floor of our establishment and symbolizes the image of kindness. Share the benevolent feeling and ambience with  friends and family for a refined dining experience. Party rooms and private dining is available to create an appropriate sense of intimacy.

Welcome to miss KOREA Sun :: The Second