miss KOREA Good Morning Special, Everyday 6:00am-10:30am

missKOREA BBQ Good Morning Special


$7.95 Kongnamul Gukbap
$7.95 Sundubu
$8.95 Haemul Kalguksu
$10.95 Daegu Maeuntang
$10.95 Daegu Jiritang
$10.95 Altang

Don’t miss your breakfast, start out your day with miss KOREA’s Morning specials!
We’re serving a variety of warm and soupy Korean dishes to boost your energy in the morning hours for almost half the original price.
Make it a hearty morning with a taste of flavorful and savory breakfast dishes at miss KOREA BBQ!

If you are looking for a light yet nutritious meal, Kongnamul Gukbap would be a perfect breakfast choice for any day.

Grace C. New York, NY from Yelp :
“……I tried ‘Kong-Nah-Mul-Gook-Bob’. I really liked it – it is in the hot pot, spicy soup, rice and veggies and small shrimp and kimchi. It is pretty traditional dish – it doesn’t sell in many place in US…..”



– Best Korean BBQ in NYC
– 24 Hour Open in Koreatown