miss KOREA BBQ presents: Doljanchi 1st Birthday Celebration 돌잔치 (돌상&돌잡이)

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Watch Doljanchi, the first birthday celebration at miss KOREA BBQ

Watch Dolsang, the table set for thefirst birthday celebration at miss KOREA BBQ

A traditional Korean Doljanchi (Dol) is the 1st Birthday celebration for a Korean baby and marks a very important milestone. In the olden days, children were considered fortunate if they were able to live to celebrate their 1st Birthday therefore a celebration was put in place. The Dol Birthday ceremony blesses the baby with a future filled with prosperity.

Miss KOREA BBQ will prepare a Doljanchi table set with beautiful decorations and a layered Birthday rice cake. The high stacked food on the table symbolizes the baby’s long life & prosperous future. Each item on the Doljanchi table set has a special meaning and includes:

흰쌀 White Rice: 財福(재복), 食福(식복) Boundless Wealth, Blessing of having things to eat

실/국수 Thread/Noodle: 長壽(장수) Longevity

과일 Fruit: 繁盛(번성) Prosperity

대추 Jujube: 子孫(자손)의 繁昌(번창) Prosperity for Descendants

수수팥떡 Sorghum & Red Bean Rice Cake: 惡鬼豫方(악귀예방) Protection from Evil Sprits

백설기 Baekseolgi Rice Cake: 淨潔(정결), 高潔(고결) Clean Spirit, Nobility

오색송편 Five-colored Songpyeon Rice Cake: 萬物(만물)의 調和(조화), 成熟(성숙)과 智慧(지혜) Harmony, Maturity and Wisdom

녹색나물 Green Wild Vegetable: 四季節(사계절) 내내 싱싱한 生命力(생명력)과 創造力(창조력) Vitality, Creativity

인절미 Injeolmi Rice Cake: 끈기와 忍耐(인내), 持久力(지구력) Patience and Physical Endurance

Doljabi (돌잡이) is the main celebration of Doljanchi. It’s a traditional Korean ritual in which different types of items are placed on a table for the Birthday baby to pick up. The items chosen predicts the baby’s future.

The average person’s lifespan is about 77 years and there are many ways to celebrate your birthday. Wouldn’t it be great to celebrate with a traditional Korean Doljanchi party at least once?

Celebrate your baby’s 1st Birthday at miss KOREA BBQ with a traditional Korean Doljanchi party!

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